Cultivating Self-Love and Positive Body Image


In this weeks post I will share with you three simple and yet very effective ways I manage to introduce exercise in my daily life.  Since I work sitting at my desk I have to find ways to get the blood flowing and keep my limbs happy by moving my body around.

1. Dance like nobody is watching

I have a confession here, I love to dance, which in itself is not a big deal it’s just that I love to dance while at home listening to galaxy music on the tv or playing a few songs on my smartphone .  I try to dance for 10 to 15 minutes and when I do, I dance like nobody is watching (because nobody is).  I do this because heck I’ve always done it, since I was a teen I’d just dance while I played records and when I was a young adult I moved in with my best friend and again we’d play records (Leif Garrett anyone) and just dance.  I feel so good when I’m dancing and almost feel like I’m one of the best Solid Gold Dancers out there (I’m aging myself).  Dancing is not only good for my body but it sure does my self-esteem good too.  Now if I look like Elaine from Seinfeld so shall be it, I’m happy and helped my body.

2. Walk this way

Now I know a few weeks back I covered the benefits of walking but I thought this would be a great reminder at how it does the body and soul good.   Just grab your smartphone and play your favorite music or books while on your trek or maybe even silence and just listen to your thoughts or try not to think at all.  I love walking because it’s a wonderful form of escape for me and helps me feel good inside and out.  Sometimes I like to take my mini-doxie out for walks with me, he loves the exercise.  I love to walk outside during the spring, summer or fall, even in the winter if it’s not too cold or bitter outside.  I get on my walking shoes and comfortable clothes and I go out and walk. I like to have a goal, a place to walk up to and turn back but that’s just me, you do what feels right for you, just move that body.

3. Walk at Home

Ok when it’s bitter cold, I don’t go out for that walk, but I walk at home.  I fell madly in love with this workout about 10 years ago, I’ve already mentioned this before it’s Leslie Sansone’s Walk away the Pounds Series.  What I love about Leslie’s workouts is that you can do a one mile walk in 15 minutes (or a 2 mile walk in 30) and they are easy, she has four basic steps that you follow that are easy for almost anyone.  You can level up, I believe Leslie has up to 5 miles, I’ve done the 4 miles and I always get great results when I work out with her.  Please don’t let the easy steps fool you, it’s a workout, you get your blood pumping and your body moving and you feel good and accomplished at the end of the workout.

Another great bonus is that Leslie offers free workouts on her website so you can check them out.  Personally I have many of her videos and DVDs and now that the cold weather is starting I am more often doing a Leslie workout than going outside.

I like to workout a minimum of 3-4 week, it depends on my schedule, I’m not too hard on myself but if I’m too busy one day I think what’s 30 minutes and I pick a two mile workout and just do it.

That’s it for this weeks post!  Have yourself a great week, I know I will!

To your health with Love


Drop the D word

“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.” – Mark Twain

This quote from Mark Twain is something I couldn’t disagree with more, however, this does make me wonder if this kind of thinking is why some have such a hard time getting started on eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.  Sometimes it’s just plain hard to get on track, to commit to starting on a healthy weight loss journey.  But you don’t need to suffer in order to achieve your weight loss or health goals.  So I am sharing some of my favorite tips with you so that you can get on track and start on this wonderful healthful journey.

First let’s dump the “D” word.  Diet in itself is not a bad word, one can eat a diet of healthy foods it’s just that when used in the context of “I’m dieting to lose weight” that conjures up all sorts of emotional things.  It’s not just a word, it’s how it triggers your thought patterns, you put diet in your head you start approaching your weight loss plan differently.  Dieting for most means we will be doing something for a short period of time in order to achieve our weight loss goal and then history tells us that we will most likely return to our old eating habits, risking weight gain.

Plan what you will eat for the day: Personally I like to plan out my three meals and any snacks that I might need throughout the day.  Usually we make poor decisions when we are not prepared when hunger strikes i.e. if you don’t know what you’re having for dinner and you’re home and feeling hungry you might think why not order a pizza instead, whereas when you already know what you’re eating it’s easier to stay committed and stick with your plan.  It’s also smart to plan your snacks for the day.  More often than not I have at least one snack a day and for me it’s natural almonds, I love their flavor and I always feel satisfied after I’ve eaten them, therefore I’m less likely to go overboard and eat something that I shouldn’t.  Even when I’m on the go I’ll take a handful with me in a container and I will usually munch on them if I feel a pang of hunger in the afternoon.  Choose what works for you just make sure it’s a real food.

Move that body : There are so many different benefits to moving our bodies through exercise that they are hard to ignore. You end up not only doing your heart, lungs and body good but you also end up feeling really good about yourself too.   Now depending on where you are on your healthy lifestyle journey you might consider starting small, but no matter how small you start remember to be consistent by doing it daily or 3 times a week.  You might consider going for a walk, I really love walking, I think it’s great and a wonderful escape and it really helps me recharge mentally and emotionally and add all the physical benefits and it’s a win-win for me.  However, choose what works for you, what you feel you can stick to on a regular basis.  Just be consistent and move that body and you will reap many healthy rewards.

Eat whole foods and avoid low-fat/no-fat products: The first thing I noticed when I started eating whole foods as compared to low calorie or low fat/no fat foods was that I was a lot less hungry.  Yep, true story.  I noticed almost immediately which meant I was actually eating less and the bonus was that the food tasted great and I was still losing weight.

Be aware : I think part of my own success has been a result of being open-minded and aware.  Throughout my own journey I would notice what foods triggered cravings in me, what situations caused emotional eating.  At first it didn’t always stop me from emotionally eating but the awareness of the triggers helped me arm myself with tools and as the situations occurred I would start using the tools and stop the negative behaviors.  This is why I call this a journey, I couldn’t change overnight even though I stopped eating my trigger foods, even though I was losing weight because I had to change behaviors which I could only do by being aware of them.

Don’t look for quick results, instead look for lasting results.  This is really important, because sometimes people want to lose the weight right now and as I mentioned in the “Diet” paragraph when you rush into this with that kind of attitude  you risk gaining the weight back.  When you start incorporating small healthy choices in your life on a continuous basis you cannot help but get results.  In some it happens quicker than others but the results will come as long as you remain consistent in your commitment towards changing yourself and your habits.

I hope these tips will help you get started on your own healthy journey, please remember not to be too hard on yourself, since change can be hard, but remember it’s possible.  I don’t expect you to take all these changes on right away, even if you just start with the first one and start incorporating the rest as you progress.

Please feel free to comment or share any tips or ideas that you may have.

Have a great week!

To your health!


swc fitness walking shoesToday I want to talk about my favorite form of exercise, it’s been my favorite for as long as I can remember.  From a teenager to this very day I’ve loved to walk.  Now there are days where I don’t feel like putting on my walking shoes, I just want to sit on my pretty butt and do nothing.  I can even talk myself into believing that me taking a day off from my regular walking routine might be good for me, no need to be so rigid with myself after all.  But then I think of the obvious reasons why I love to walk.

1. Walking does my body good

2. Walking does my mind good

3. Walking nourishes my soul

I’ve always had a lot of internal energy and walking has helped me burn some of that energy.  Not all my walks are the same, depending on my different needs my walk differs.

Music Escapism

Sometimes I go out with my mp3 player/smartphone and listen to music, I load up my player with my favorite songs and when I do that I can walk for what seems like forever because I get lost in the music.  There is nothing like your favorite songs to help you keep up the beat and move forward.

Book Escapism

I love stories, I love to read a great book, I think I would be lost if I couldn’t escape by reading or listening to a great book.  I am now in the process of re-reading a book from Diana Gabaldon (Outlander) one of my favorite stories ever.

Positive Affirmations

I love listening to positive affirmations during my walk and what a wonderful form of escape it is for me as I nourish my soul with positive thoughts as opposed to some of the heartbreak songs I  like to listen to.

Self Connection

Sometimes I don’t listen to anything at all, the walk is a time for me to reflect on my life, sometimes it’s about decisions that need to be made or I play a gratitude list game with myself and start thinking of all the things I am grateful for.

Body Awareness

Sometimes I don’t think of anything at all but I choose to concentrate and feel every muscle in my body as I move while I walk.  It’s a really great feeling to tell you the truth, the whole body awareness, that body connection, I can feel my body thanking me for every movement.

Then there’s the obvious fitness, I walk for good health, but I add one of the above points and the walk ends up being a huge benefit to my body and soul.

If you want to share what your favorite thing about walking (or any form of exercise) is please share in the comments, I love to read how people implement different ways to do things that benefit their health.

Please remember it’s not too late to join our fitness challenge, all you need to do is join our Facebook group and we do our best to keep ourselves accountable.  You don’t need anything to join, you can either walk in the fresh air or do one of Leslie’s videos which she has online for free for people to do.

Last week I offered a free strategy session and  so many of you took me up on the offer and it went really great!  So if you missed out I am offering the free 15 minute strategy session again, we can work on tweaking some of the things that are holding you back from feeling good about yourself click here to schedule:

That’s it for me for today!  Have a great week and don’t forget to comment below or send me a message if you have any questions or if there’s something you’d like me to talk about in a future post.

To your health with love


Simple Wellness Coach Challenges AheadAs I sit here typing today’s post my doxie Harley is lying on my lap as my two cats Caramel and Chloe are off plotting something wild and crazy to do at 3am, I’m feeling really blessed right now.  I’ve been really busy this weekend; I went to my nephew’s 5th birthday party, I got my hair done, I worked on my free video series and got hooked on a Netflix show called Orange is the New Black.   This weekend flew by and it flew by fast…

Today’s post is about challenges, I feel the need to regularly challenge myself. I’ve always liked to set goals albeit short term goals since I find those a lot easier to stick with and it’s what I recommend to my clients as well.  I’ve been looking online and found three fitness challenges that really interest me.

1. Walk Away the Pounds Walk it Off in 30 Days.

One of my favorite exercise experts is Leslie Sansone and her Walk Away the Pounds Series.  I own an easy dozen (or more) of her DVD workouts my favorite being Walk away the pounds for abs with the belt.  She is set to host a month long challenge starting October 1st called Walk It Off in 30 Days.  I love her workouts and I know this is my type of challenge and I can literally mix up the videos since I have so many different ones of hers or I can stick with what I love.

2. The 200 Squat Challenge

This is a six week challenge where we move up to doing 200 squats.  I can already feel the delicious burn and I love squats, I can do squats and would love to see the results on my body after six weeks, I believe all that is required is 30 minutes a week for six weeks to achieve the 200 squats.  I mean seriously I know I can easily devote 30 minute a week to becoming fitter and healthier.

3. The 100 Pushup Challenge

Out of everything I’ve mentioned above this is the one that will pose the real challenge for me.  When I did pilates I had built some upper body strength and could do pushups but I stopped doing pilates in 2005 so my upper body strength can use the challenge.  The requirements here are again 30 minutes a week, which I’m guessing is 3 days at 10 minutes.

I’m really excited about challenging my body for the next 30 days, I think I can commit to doing all three since at most it’ll require anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes a day.  How about you?  Are you up for the challenge?  Do you feel like joining me on this adventure?  I think it’s all doable, I think we can do the 30 day Leslie challenge and add 10 minutes a day 6 times a week to do the squats and pushups and for those who don’t own Leslie’s videos she has some on her website so you can still follow along without having to purchase anything or you can simply go for a walk every day.

C’mon, it’ll be fun!  I’m even creating an FB Group where we can discuss the challenge .  If you want to be part of the challenge here’s the link to join the group : I will need to approve your request which will be done by the end of day every day.

Woohoo let’s do this!

To your health with love!