Cultivating Self-Love and Positive Body Image


swc fitness walking shoesToday I want to talk about my favorite form of exercise, it’s been my favorite for as long as I can remember.  From a teenager to this very day I’ve loved to walk.  Now there are days where I don’t feel like putting on my walking shoes, I just want to sit on my pretty butt and do nothing.  I can even talk myself into believing that me taking a day off from my regular walking routine might be good for me, no need to be so rigid with myself after all.  But then I think of the obvious reasons why I love to walk.

1. Walking does my body good

2. Walking does my mind good

3. Walking nourishes my soul

I’ve always had a lot of internal energy and walking has helped me burn some of that energy.  Not all my walks are the same, depending on my different needs my walk differs.

Music Escapism

Sometimes I go out with my mp3 player/smartphone and listen to music, I load up my player with my favorite songs and when I do that I can walk for what seems like forever because I get lost in the music.  There is nothing like your favorite songs to help you keep up the beat and move forward.

Book Escapism

I love stories, I love to read a great book, I think I would be lost if I couldn’t escape by reading or listening to a great book.  I am now in the process of re-reading a book from Diana Gabaldon (Outlander) one of my favorite stories ever.

Positive Affirmations

I love listening to positive affirmations during my walk and what a wonderful form of escape it is for me as I nourish my soul with positive thoughts as opposed to some of the heartbreak songs I  like to listen to.

Self Connection

Sometimes I don’t listen to anything at all, the walk is a time for me to reflect on my life, sometimes it’s about decisions that need to be made or I play a gratitude list game with myself and start thinking of all the things I am grateful for.

Body Awareness

Sometimes I don’t think of anything at all but I choose to concentrate and feel every muscle in my body as I move while I walk.  It’s a really great feeling to tell you the truth, the whole body awareness, that body connection, I can feel my body thanking me for every movement.

Then there’s the obvious fitness, I walk for good health, but I add one of the above points and the walk ends up being a huge benefit to my body and soul.

If you want to share what your favorite thing about walking (or any form of exercise) is please share in the comments, I love to read how people implement different ways to do things that benefit their health.

Please remember it’s not too late to join our fitness challenge, all you need to do is join our Facebook group and we do our best to keep ourselves accountable.  You don’t need anything to join, you can either walk in the fresh air or do one of Leslie’s videos which she has online for free for people to do.

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That’s it for me for today!  Have a great week and don’t forget to comment below or send me a message if you have any questions or if there’s something you’d like me to talk about in a future post.

To your health with love