Cultivating Self-Love and Positive Body Image


swc healthy snackAs I write this post both my husband and I have what we refer to as “the munchies”.  We each ate three healthy meals today and yet both of us sit here thinking “I’m hungry”.

Now to give you a bit of a background on both of us and I don’t know if I mentioned this already and it’s a bit off topic but Hubby has lost over 80 pounds since April 2012.  He followed the same healthy eating plan as I did and just dropped the weight like it was nobody’s business.  He weighed 265 pounds when we started and now weighs less than 180 pounds.  He’s tall, 6 foot 1 and he says that he’s as slim as he’s ever been since his 20′s.

I personally have maintained a 100 pound weight loss for the last 6 months, before this weight loss I had spent many years binging on sugar and grains.  Since I have lost the 100 pounds I have tried hard not to make eating a bad experience in any shape or form.  If I want to eat something I will, if I don’t, I won’t.  After living way too many years with feelings of shame towards food and my own hunger, I refuse to live that way now.  So if I want a snack I will have one.

We don’t often have the munchies, usually dinner is our last meal of the day and that’s it.  We are pretty good about eating a healthy balanced dinner with lots of vegetables, proteins and healthy fats.  We don’t even have dessert unless you consider the cup of coffee we have on Friday nights as dessert.  But every once in a while the munchies strike and we don’t over analyze it, we don’t hem and haw about it, we don’t feel guilt or shame about it.  We simply have a little snack.

When the munchies strike me it’s simple how I handle it, I’ll take a fruit (bananas, grapes or strawberries preferably) or maybe a handful of raw almonds or a piece of old cheddar cheese.  That’s it.  I don’t need anything else to keep the munchies at bay.  These foods (not at the same time) fill my belly up and shut that munchie monster right down and all is well.

As for Hubby, when the munchies strike him he handles it a bit differently; for instance he’s been known to grab a bunch of fruits and vegetables and put them thru the juicer and chug that glass down.  I’m not a fan of juicing myself but he is and he loves the energy that it gives him afterwards.  He’s also a lover of yogurt and not the low-fat type either (it’s getting harder and harder these days to find yogurt that isn’t low/no fat).  He too is a lover of bananas and I’m willing to bet they are his favorite snack.  I also buy him granola bars, he loves them, I only buy them for him because he likes them and they seem to shut his munchy monster up.  I don’t eat the bars myself  and as he has told me; he has not sworn to a life of eating whole foods only (I try to eat only whole foods I would say at least 90% of the time ).  He tries to eat healthy and just as I won’t feel guilty for eating a healthy snack he won’t feel guilty for eating a packaged granola bar.

I love that we have managed to learn to not only eat in a healthy way that we both love but we have also learned how to snack moderately without any guilt or shame.  How does it get any better than this?

What do you do when the munchies strike?  What are your go-to snacks that you love to eat?  Please share by posting a comment below.

To your health