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Simple Wellness Coach Challenges AheadAs I sit here typing today’s post my doxie Harley is lying on my lap as my two cats Caramel and Chloe are off plotting something wild and crazy to do at 3am, I’m feeling really blessed right now.  I’ve been really busy this weekend; I went to my nephew’s 5th birthday party, I got my hair done, I worked on my free video series and got hooked on a Netflix show called Orange is the New Black.   This weekend flew by and it flew by fast…

Today’s post is about challenges, I feel the need to regularly challenge myself. I’ve always liked to set goals albeit short term goals since I find those a lot easier to stick with and it’s what I recommend to my clients as well.  I’ve been looking online and found three fitness challenges that really interest me.

1. Walk Away the Pounds Walk it Off in 30 Days.

One of my favorite exercise experts is Leslie Sansone and her Walk Away the Pounds Series.  I own an easy dozen (or more) of her DVD workouts my favorite being Walk away the pounds for abs with the belt.  She is set to host a month long challenge starting October 1st called Walk It Off in 30 Days.  I love her workouts and I know this is my type of challenge and I can literally mix up the videos since I have so many different ones of hers or I can stick with what I love.

2. The 200 Squat Challenge

This is a six week challenge where we move up to doing 200 squats.  I can already feel the delicious burn and I love squats, I can do squats and would love to see the results on my body after six weeks, I believe all that is required is 30 minutes a week for six weeks to achieve the 200 squats.  I mean seriously I know I can easily devote 30 minute a week to becoming fitter and healthier.

3. The 100 Pushup Challenge

Out of everything I’ve mentioned above this is the one that will pose the real challenge for me.  When I did pilates I had built some upper body strength and could do pushups but I stopped doing pilates in 2005 so my upper body strength can use the challenge.  The requirements here are again 30 minutes a week, which I’m guessing is 3 days at 10 minutes.

I’m really excited about challenging my body for the next 30 days, I think I can commit to doing all three since at most it’ll require anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes a day.  How about you?  Are you up for the challenge?  Do you feel like joining me on this adventure?  I think it’s all doable, I think we can do the 30 day Leslie challenge and add 10 minutes a day 6 times a week to do the squats and pushups and for those who don’t own Leslie’s videos she has some on her website so you can still follow along without having to purchase anything or you can simply go for a walk every day.

C’mon, it’ll be fun!  I’m even creating an FB Group where we can discuss the challenge .  If you want to be part of the challenge here’s the link to join the group : I will need to approve your request which will be done by the end of day every day.

Woohoo let’s do this!

To your health with love!




5thingsyoudidntknowaboutmeToday’s post is a little different, you see I want to get to know you better, I want to know what makes you tick, what are your fears, successes and I believe in order for you to trust me with that some of you might want to get to know me a bit better.  So today’s post is called 5 things you didn’t know about ME!   Here we go…

Number 1 – I am perfectly bilingual, I come from Montreal Quebec and in Grade 2 I started going to a French school.  Being from Quebec the first language is French.  My mother who grew up in a bilingual home herself (her mother was French Canadian and her Father was American) spoke to us in English at home, though my grandmother spoke to us in French and I replied in English and this was how it was for the first few years.  Through my grandmother’s teachings I learned how to count to 72 (not 73 but 72!) in French, I knew how to ask general questions, I understood the language but only if you spoke slowly (heck I was just 6 or 7) So in spite of the first two years being very difficult being in a 100% French school I continued my education in French up until graduation.  Today I can honestly say I’m so happy Mom did that for me I’m thrilled to be fully bilingual in both languages with no accent!

Number 2 – I met my husband on Myspace.  Yes that’s right I had joined Myspace in 2006 because at the time I had heard Lindsay Lohan had an account and I thought wow movie stars go on this site! So cool!  So I created an account and put up my best picture.  One day a man wrote me, he had a big dragon tattoo on his back as his profile picture and very politely asked me to be his friend.  This was the first gentlemanly request I  had received.  I looked at his profile page, expecting some serious rock’n roll type of photos and there was this very handsome guy on a Harley and pictures of his kids, granddaughter, his Mom, flowers in his garden, his artwork and more lovey romantic things…you could clearly see he was a good man with lots of love and passion in his life.  So I said heck yes I’ll be your friend and we started talking every night online, fell in love (in 2 days) and got married 1 year and 2 months later. (this is the Readers Digest version of our story).

Number 3 – I will be celebrating 14 years of sobriety from alcohol (and drugs) on November 11th of this year.  I was a seriously heavy drinker from my late teens into my early to mid-thirties.  I drank from morning till I passed out.  I was the one nobody thought would get sober and in 1999 after numerous attempts at getting sober I went to an in house treatment center for 6 months.  I did not leave the treatment center for the first 2 months then after that I went home every second weekend then every weekend.  I learned a lot about myself and addiction.  Today I am an active member of a 12 step fellowship program as well as a very spiritual person who is constantly trying to improve my life and connection with a higher power.

Number 4 – There are two things about driving that cause me anxiety.  One being I don’t enjoy driving on the highway.  I started driving about two years after I got sober so I was in my mid thirties and just never developed the drivers passion so to speak.  I do drive, I drive every day as a matter of fact and yes I do enjoy it for the most part as long as highways and snow storms aren’t involved.  I will take the highway when I have to, if I don’t have to I don’t.  Whenever I’m on the highway I get a slight case of anxiety and hold onto the steering wheel a little too tightly but I do it.  The second thing is driving during snowstorms.   I think I dislike that more than highway driving but last year I must have driven in each and every snowstorm we had here in Montreal so it helped my driving skills in snowstorms immensely.  I still get anxious but I do what I have to do and it does get easier.

Number 5 – I gained over 150 pounds in less than 18 months back in October 2005.  I remember it was the Fall and I had my first real food binge, it was a box of low calorie ice cream sandwiches, I ate the whole box in less than 10 minutes.  I don’t know why since I had what I thought was great willpower, I was so unhappy with my life at that time and did not know how to cope.  I didn’t do 12 step meetings, I didn’t talk to my friends, I didn’t have a coach, I dealt with my own suffering on my own and I felt like crap.  I had not met my husband yet, I was so depressed, I quit my job and ate snack cakes and junk food like they were my lifeline.  I was  gaining on an average 10 pounds a month and I went from a size 3 to a  size 24 in 18 months.  I was an extremist to say the least.  I carried that weight and yo-yo dieted for the next 6.5 years until I found a healthy solution and worked on what was going on inside of me as opposed to outside of me.

So there you go, those are 5 things that you probably didn’t know about me.  I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it.  If you’d like to talk you can comment below or send me an email by going to the contact page or replying in the email that brought you here.  Please know that I would genuinely love to hear from you!

Thank you for being here, I am grateful for you!

To your health with love




simple wellness coach self loveLosing weight was not the hardest thing I’ve had to work on, you would think it was but it wasn’t.   What was hard for me was to look in the mirror and love myself no matter what I weighed.  I couldn’t wrap myself around the thought of loving myself for better or for worse.

When I first changed the way I ate to whole foods within the first month I dropped some weight.  I felt lighter and thinner and I loved that my pants felt looser.  What I hadn’t changed though was my mindset, sure it was great that I physically felt better but then I’d look in the mirror and start to cringe, I would concentrate on what I saw as flaws and proceed to tell myself a whole lot of BS about my looks and how I was still fat.  I’d say “sure you lost 20 pounds but you still have 135 pounds to go” then I’d continue with a whole lot of negative self-talk and I would deflate any good feelings I had.

This was a regular recurrence for me, I simply could not appreciate who I saw when looking in the mirror.  All I saw were my shortcomings, the so-called truths that surely everyone could see but were too kind to tell me.

“for once, you believed in yourself. you believed you were beautiful and so did the rest of the world.” 
― Sarah Dessen, Keeping the Moon

I am a forgiving person by nature, I’m not one to hold grudges, I love to love and I can be very zen like in my beliefs.  So one day it occurred to me that maybe this is something I can try on myself.  You know being loving and forgiving…  I started to think about the power of thought and words and wondered what if I could reverse the damage I had done to my self-esteem by doing the opposite, by talking kindly and lovingly to myself.

I started small, very small, I was afraid if I got too loving I would run.  I would declare the next hour one of no negative self-talk, an hour would turn to two hours, then half a day, to a full day. I figured if I would just cut the negative talk out that alone would stop feeding my ego which simply did not want me to feel joy.

After a little while of nixing the negative self-talk I tried looking in the mirror with a new pair of glasses. Let’s see, I have pretty eyes and I have nice hair.  I would stop, almost afraid of going too far with the encouragement.  Then I played a game with myself, every day I had to find a new thing to love about myself.

Self love does not have to start with outside issues.  I started to think about my great sense of humor, I love a good joke, witticism and laughter.  Now there’s something to hang onto!  I’m also a quick study, that’s a good thing right and as time went on, I would find more and more things to like and love about myself.

This is a process, one you need to be consistent with, one you need to work on every day until it becomes a habit.

Remember :

  • Baby steps
  • No trash talking to yourself
  • One quality a day

To help myself along the way I bought some colorful post-it notes and wrote down the quality of the day on one and would put it in my purse.  Whenever I would open up my purse I’d see this bright orange/yellow/pink post it and even without reading it I knew there was something positive inside which would remind me of my commitment to self-love.

You won’t be perfect at it, but if you commit yourself to love, self-love that is, more good things will fall into place but before any of that happens you need to start with yourself.  Now go write down one of your best qualities right now.

Simple Wellness Coach Post It Love

I sleep deeply

I sleep deeply

I don’t know about you but I have not been getting nearly enough sleep lately.  It might have to do with the fact that I’ve spent the last three months either preparing, interviewing or setting up for my telesummit.  Since June sleep has taken a backseat and I know better.  Now that it’s over let’s see if I can remedy that.

Let’s take a look at how much sleep we need, personally I need a minimum of 7 hours but thrive on 8.  I was once told the older we get the less sleep we need but my mind and body beg to differ, I seem to require much more than I used to years ago.  If I don’t get enough sleep (we’re talking 6 or less hours) it shows up in my personality and it’s just a matter of time before I become cranky.  So being aware I do my best to avoid that.  I can occasionally suffer from an occasional case of insomnia, usually as a result of “thinking” too much or being excited about something.   But it only happens once or twice a month maximum.

Many studies have shown that the lack of sleep has many detrimental effects on our health, it can cause heart disease, age our skin and a whole host of other boo boo’s.  Yet we still don’t take enough time to get our rest.

As a child and an adult my lack of interest in all things sleep stemmed from a fear of missing out.  I didn’t like sleeping in because that meant there were hours during the day I would lose doing something I considered productive, whereas sleep was a waste of time.  I never napped, I come from a napping family and live with a napping spouse.  So to teach my body and my mindset that it’s ok to get rest had been a task but one I felt compelled to take on.

How do I do it?  I start by going to bed at the same time every night.  I get up between 6-6:30 so if I do the math I must be in bed by 10-10:30pm, that doesn’t always sit well with me, but I’ve learned to enjoy letting my body rest.

Some of the rewards I get out of a good night’s sleep;

  • Good mood
  • Better handle on the day ahead
  • Deadlines are much easier to meet
  • Healthier sex drive

There are so many reasons to get that rest! I look better when I get a good night’s sleep, those dark circles are lighter, eyes less puffy and another bonus is that my body seems to be able to digest food better and here’s another thing whenever I get a good night of sleep I’m not craving junk food!  I believe; when we start taking better care of our bodies through a good night’s sleep, exercise (walking, strength training or whatever gets your body moving) then the body starts to instinctively know what it needs or wants to eat.

So there are many reasons to get that good night’s sleep!  If you need to start slowly then do that but start.  You can start by going to bed 15 minutes (or heck 10 minutes) earlier than you normally do.  Just do that for the week and see how that works for you.  Try it.  You won’t be sorry you got a good night’s sleep.

I’ll be covering more tips on how you can get a good night’s sleep in my next blog post!

Welcome to Simple Wellness Coach! My name is Robyn Bennett and this is my website! I am currently finishing up my telesummit “Leave Obesity Behind” today is our last day for replays and I’m wrapping the whole thing up. The telesummit has been a life changing event for me, not only did I get to meet great experts but my wonderful listeners also wrote me in to share their insights and what changed for them after listening to the interviews.  I even had one great listener call me and we chatted over our passion for helping others find healthy solutions to live a better life. For those that are interested in purchasing the series this will be available shortly. Presently I’m working on my new coaching program where I’ll be working one on one with you the details of the program are also coming soon.  I think it’ll be great and very powerful for those that will be working with me.   So many new things coming up; like the site is being re-designed, I’m working on an ebook and of course my coaching program. This is just the beginning!  In the new year another telesummit will be happening and this one will be just as great if not greater than the current one. As things progress I will keep you posted here and on my Facebook page.  You can also register on the right if you want to receive my newsletter. Remember to be kind to yourself today… with love Robyn xo

I adopt the mindset to praise myself

I adopt the mindset to praise myself…